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5-Tips to Prepare for Ramadhan

With Ramadhan just around the corner, many of us are looking for ways to make this the turning point in our lives. Here are five tips to prepare yourself for Ramadhan.

1. Create a Ramadhan Count down

Ever wondered why on important events, like wedding, graduation you hear people ask, “How many days to wedding?”,” How many days to graduation? Etc etc? It keeps you on your toes and be in an anticipative mood. For Ramadhan do the same, let the count down be a buzz word as it mentally prepares you for the month of thawab (reward) harvest

Resolve to create change in your life this time round

2. Create a TO-DO-LIST

We all know the importance of TO-DO-LISTS as a way of getting organised and getting things done. This time round resolve to create a change in your life for good. Assume this will be your last Ramadhan and that you will never have another chance for another Ramadhan. This will automatically propel you to do good. You can for example target to:

  • Pray all Fardh (obligatory) prayers in the mosque

  • Pray all Tarawih prayers during the month

  • Finish reading the entire Qur’an atleast once during the month. As an example you can say i will read one Qara after every prayer

  • Pray Qabliya and baadiya in all fardh prayers

Remember if you did not plan to do it, chances are you will not do it.

3. Create an "X"-habit

Everybody has a habit he does not like. It could be Smoking, it could be too much indulgence on social media, it may be waking up late etc etc.

"Everybody has a habit he doesn't like. Plan to eschew them"

Mentally prepare to eschew these habits. It is a good idea to target one to a maximum of 3 habits to put an X this month.

4. Create "New positives"

We all know what is good and what is bad. But why do we still not do what is good? This time try to do the little things that you don’t do fo example:

  • Calling your parents at least every week

  • Visiting the sick in hospital at least once a month

  • Inviting some friends for Iftar at home

  • Attend to Islamic lectures


Ever wondered why there are days you feel so energetic you want to finish the entire Qur'an in one day, or you want to pray so many voluntary prayers at once. Experts

  • say that is the whispering of shaytwan. Consistency is always proven to be far much better than consistency to achieve overall results. When you go to the gym, its better to go for one hour per session but for a whole week instaed of doing 5 hours in one day. The chances of you leaving the practice is higher if you focus on intensity. So way out? FOCUS ON DOING LITTLE FOR LONGER

So, how about you, do you have other tips? What are you doing to prepare for Ramadhan? Let us know in the comments section!

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